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Bontrager Race Wheels

Hami with his Bontrager wheels

I currently ride a pair of Bontrager’s Race wheels on my primary road bike and a Race Light front wheel on my commuter bike. These wheels have taken all the punishment I have dished out, including rides on the slowly degrading Riverside Drive, the cobblestones of Monument Avenue, and every other pothole riddled street in Richmond. Because of this I consider the Race wheels to be great upgrade for anyone who wants a lighter, stiffer wheelset but cant compromise on durability. For those who can spend a little more; the Race Light wheels offer a different lacing pattern and redesigned hub that allows the wheel to use a lower spoke count and at the same time take even more punishment than the Race wheels. The Race Light wheels are some serious business, that’s why people use them for everything from commuting to cyclocross.

Hami Onder-Agee's Cary Town