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Trek 7.5FX

Nicole with her Trek 7.5FX

7.5 FX (AKA The best commuting bike ever)

When I began my search for a new bike I looked for two key elements: durability and reliability. At first I was thinking about a strictly road bike but the roads in Richmond are less than ideal for road bike tires or wheels. While I can totally picture myself cascading down a hillside on a mountain bike, it isn’t suited for the longer road rides I wanted to go on and neither were the single speeds (the hills!). I then decided to look into the different hybrids we have at Agee’s which are perfect for daily commuting and longer rides. I decided to look at the Trek bikes we have since Trek has a proven record of excellence in bike quality and customer service (Hello life time warranty). Trek’s fitness hybrids, better known as the FX series, frequently leave our stores with satisfied customers so I started my quest for the perfect bike there. The bike that really caught my eye was the 7.5 FX. This bike has Deore shifters, a durable shifter found on most mountain bikes, and a carbon fork for dampening road vibration. Having the SSR road wheels on this bike means my daily ride to work on bumpy, pot hole filled roads will not lead to my wheels coming out of true. The puncture resistant, wider road bike tires means I will be able to travel quickly on the road without worrying if I have to cut through an alley way or chunky gravel. The 7.5 also includes a seat that flexes with me as well as isozone grips, giving me the maximum comfort on longer rides. Plus the lightweight aluminum frame makes it a breeze to carry up a few flights of stairs to my apartment. After a test ride I determined this was the bike I needed. I can honestly say it was the best purchase I’ve made in a long time. I feel better, I hardly use my car (saving money too!) and I never have to hunt for a parking space at the grocery store. Come in today and take a look at our selection of Fx's at Agee’s, you will not be disappointed!

Nicole Tunstall--Carytown Agee's