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Fox Racing Shox!

Fox Racing Shox is a leader in mountain-bike suspension!
The Man Who Started It All
In 1974, Bob Fox put his engineering skills to work on a prototype air shock in his friend's garage. His efforts would produce the FOX Airshock, which would debut on a Maico dirt bike. This shock would be the first stepping stone for Bob to start Fox Factory, Inc. in 1977. Over 30 years later, the company continues to produce top-end forks and shocks for mountain bikes, motos, snowmobiles, ATVs and off-road vehicles. The focus at Fox is to make high-quality products without compromise. This philosophy doesn’t always go over well with accounting, but the owner is an engineer — and the boss is always right!
If you want to win you want to ride Fox! Racing Is In The Name
In 2001 Fox entered the mountain-bike suspension scene with the Fox Forx line. Only one year after its inception, Fox would have their first world title when Brain Lopes became the UCI Mountain Cross World Champion. The podium finishes and world-cup titles have not slowed down since then. And rightly so, as Bob Fox puts it, "Our passion is to be the one at the end of the day, the one standing tall, the one standing alone at the top, the one on the podium... to be the winner." With passion like this, you know you're buying a well engineered piece of equipment when you buy Fox.

Boost your confidence with Fox Racing Shox!What You'll Find
Currently Fox Racing Shox makes a full array of forks and rear suspension shocks for every sort of mountain bike. Their line runs the gamut from ultra-plush downhill suspension to extremely light cross-country setups. You’ll find an assortment of coil-over and air shocks for all your dual-suspension needs as well.

Fox suspension is highly adjustable, tunable and built for the rigors of tough mountain riding. And, regardless of what Fox suspension product you decide to buy, rest assured that you’re getting one of the most technically advanced suspensions on the market.

Also, remember that we’re here to help you with all your suspension needs. From choosing the right product to proper installation and setup, we’ll help you dial-in the perfect ride.
Swing by soon to see our wide selection of Fox Racing Shox!