OnGuard Bicycle Locks!

OnGuard bicycle locks keep your bike safe!OnGuard bicycle locks are expertly designed to give you easy-to-use bike security that is super strong and ultra safe. They analyze every aspect of their locks to ensure that there are no weaknesses. And they offer plenty of great locks to chose from.
OnGuard uses four points of engagement on their toughest U-locks!
OnGuard never stops looking for ways to make their locks stronger.While most U-locks offer 2 points of contact, OnGuard’s X4 Quattro technology secures the shackle in 4 places. This gives you added protection against cutting, twisting and prying. From the links in their heavy-duty chains, to their cylindrical locking mechanisms that resist picking, pulling and jacking, you’ll find a superior lock with OnGuard.

OnGuard makes a variety of bicycle locks!OnGuard makes a lock for every need too. They make U-locks, chain and armored cable locks, padlocks, locking skewers, disc locks and more. Whether you're in a high-risk area or just want a little extra security while you run in and grab a coffee, OnGuard has the solution for you.

OnGuard is an unbeatable value with innovative technology and unparalleled strength. Stop by the shop and we’ll gladly help you find the perfect OnGuard bicycle lock to keep your bicycle yours!


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