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Bontrager Rhythm wheelset

So, let's talk about Bontrager's Rhythm Pro wheel set... I’ve been rolling around on these puppies for about 4 months now, and let me tell you, I am in LOVE with this set. But before I get into that, let me talk a little about Bontrager's 'Rhythm' line. The Rhythm line is Bontrager's answer for the ever growing 'all mountain-esque and single-track' rider, who wants performance and quality, but slightly favors durability over minimal weight. As a Trek/Bontrager dealer, we here at Agee's have noticed how it seems that Bongtrager has been steadily "upping their Rhythm game." With a full line ranging from shorts, jerseys, stems, seat posts, handlebars etc. they offer a wide variety of products to suit pretty much all of your needs. Now, let's talk about how I came into possession of the wheels. Prior to this set, I was riding Bontrager's Race Lite wheel set. I liked the RL's, but I am not someone who is described as a 'graceful' trail rider. I happen to be more of the, barrel-into-it-fast-and-let-the-bike-get-over-it kind of rider. Long story short, I trashed the RL set in about 5 months. Not taking anything away from them, they just weren't suited for my riding needs. I decided to pick up something more durable and went with the Rhythm Pro set. At a little under 1700 grams, they’re not super light, but I wouldn’t describe them as heavy by any means. In fact, they actually weigh less than the RL's they replaced. The hub design spins nice and smooth and is very easily serviceable (if you've worked with DT Swiss type hubs) they sport a little bit of a wider rim, and look nice and stout. They have some awesome little details in the workmanship (I really like the cutouts on the 6 bolt disc mounts, for example) and they come tubeless ready. Included with them you will get the necessary rim strips and valve cores to run them tubeless.Bontrager Rhythm Pro TLR Rear Wheel On a side note, I can tell that as a mechanic I’d have to say Bontrager's TLR system is the easiest I’ve worked with as far as mounting and sealing tubeless, and they hold! I've put a few hundred miles on these wheels so far, in sloppy fall/winter conditions and they've held nice and true, no dings or dents yet, and I really punish these guys to see just what they can dish out. I’ve had them in my truing stand once, and they were back spinning straight with a few turns of maybe 5 spokes. Price-wise, these wheels won't break your budget either, retail is about $850 for the pair and they come with the option of running a 15mm thru axle up front. I can honestly say I have developed a trusting relationship with them on the trail, which lets me keep my mind focused on what’s important, improving my game! On one final note, the rear pawl engagement is relatively loud, some people may not like it, but I love hearing my angry bee's roaring down the rock and roots. If you're in the market for a new wheel set for the upcoming season, stop by here at Agee's and take a look for yourself! Happy riding!

Alex Morse--Mechanic Agee's W. Broad