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Proper Helmet Fit

Proper Helmet Fit

Helmets are an important part of the safe biking experience. Where do you start when shopping for one? The two main things to look for are type of helmet and fit.

The two main types of helmets you will see in a bike shop are standard bicycle helmets and multisport helmets. Standard bicycle helmets are what we recommend for most people. These are the helmets you see with ventilation holes and a sleek design. These helmets also have an adjustable fit system that allows you to size the helmet by turning a knob instead of changing pads. This is a hugely important feature for fit and safety.

Multisport helmets are the very round smooth “skateboard style” helmets. These are recommended if your biking activity is more likely to involve falls as they are rated for more than one impact. However, these helmets have some drawbacks. They do not usually have any kind of fit system, so getting one to fit just right can be a hard process. They have no ventilation which is never a good thing, even in cool weather.

So now let’s move onto getting that helmet to fit properly. You want the front of the helmet to rest just above your brow. When viewed from the side the helmet should appear fairly level. Next you want to adjust the fit system on the helmet (usually a knob on the back) to cinch the helmet snug. When snug you should be able to nod and shake your head and have the helmet remain in place. After this you can move onto the chin strap. The chin strap is a last resort. The helmet should be able to hold itself in place without it. Therefore, the chin strip should be snug enough that it can’t slid past your chin, but you should feel comfortable opening your mouth and be able to get a few fingers under the strap. If you are using the strap as the primary way of holding the helmet in place, the helmet doesn’t fit and isn’t very safe!

Now that you are armed with the knowledge of two main styles of bike helmet and the general fitting process, stop on by one of our locations and check out the available helmets. We would love to show you the different models, colors, and sizes and help you get on your way to a safer ride!

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