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Trek Smart Wheel Sizing

With over 15 years of wheel size development Trek has the most experience of any manufacturer in the market.  Choosing between 29er and 27.5" wheels has been made simple with the introduction of smart wheel sizing.  Based on your riding style, cross country or trail riding, Trek has the right wheel size for you.



Cross Country Riders

For those interested in serious cross country style riding: Choose the biggest wheel size that fits your frame size.

-Bigger wheels are faster, rolling over obstacles and preserving more momentum.

-Most XC pros will choose a 29er, the fastest wheel that fits.

-For smaller riders on frame sizes (15.5" and 13.5") who have trouble comfortably fitting on 29er wheels, Trek recommends the next biggest wheel size 27.5".



Trail Riders

Chosing the right wheel size for a trail bike comes down to one thing: ride quality. 29er wheels and 27.5 wheels ride differently, so chose the one that matches your trail riding style.


-Fast, confident and stable.

-If you are looking for a confidence-inspiring ride and are more likely to roll over obstacles rather than jump them choose the 29er size wheels.


-Playful and quick.

-If you are the type of rider who loves big hucks and intense thrills, 27.5" is your wheel size.

-They are easier to loft into the air and change directions quickly.

-If you are more likely to jump over an obstacle rather than roll through it, choose 27.5" wheels for your next trail bike.