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Ride+ FAQ

Ride+ Frequently Asked Questions 
What is electric assist/Ride+? 
Ride plus is a pedal assist, electric bicycle. 
Why do I need an e-bike? 
It’s a bike, but more. With a Ride + bike, you can ride farther, see more, and do it with ease. 
Where can I ride? 
Anywhere bicycles are allowed. 
Do I need a license? 
How much does the bike weigh? 
All of Trek’s Ride+ bikes weigh between 40 and 50 lbs. 
What is the rider weight limit? 
Recommended rider weight limit of 300 lbs., same as all Trek bikes. 
Where do I take it for service? 
Go to any Trek Ride+ certified retailer. 
Will it fit on a bike rack? 
Yes. However, removing the battery makes lifting the bike easier. 
What is the STePS system? 
Shimano Total electric Power System is the bicycle industry’s leading component 
manufacturer’s pedal assist system. 
Why mid motor? 
This configuration results in the best weight balance and riding experience. 
How many assist Modes? 
Ride + bikes have 3 (Shimano STePS) or 4 (Bosch) levels of power assist from very mild to very 
high assist. 
Why are there different assist levels? 
The assist mode choices give the rider control over how much assist power they’d like to use. 
Less allows for longer duration, more gives more assist for acceleration or climbing hills. 
What is the max assist speed? 
The Shimano STePS system provides assistance up to 20mph. The Bosch Speed Performance 
system (XM700+) provides assistance up to a maximum speed of 28mph. 
How do you turn the battery on/off? 
The Shimano STePS battery has a power switch on the side (next to the battery indicator lights) 
that serves as the on/off switch for the whole system. The Bosch system (XM700+) is powered 
on/off at the console on the handlebar. 
How long does it take to charge the battery? 
Approximately 3.5-4 hours, depending on state of battery prior to charge. 
How many charges does the battery take? 
The Shimano STePS battery is warranted for 1,000 charge cycles or 2 years. The Bosch battery is 
warranted for 500 charge cycles or 2 years. Real-world use and proper care should result in 
many more cycles throughout the battery’s life. 
What happens when the battery dies on a ride? 
Ride + bikes still function like normal bikes without assistance when the battery is depleted. The 
bike won’t be as fun, but you’ll still get home. 
What are the charging procedures? 
The Ride + battery charges in a similar fashion to a smart phone. Plug the charger into a wall 
outlet and connect the charger to the battery. When the charge indicator lights on the side of 
the battery are all illuminated, you’re done. 
What do I do when I lose my battery key? 
Battery replacement keys are available through your local retailer. 
Will replacement batteries be available? 
Trek will stock replacement batteries for purchase. Warranty replacement is fulfilled by 
Shimano/Bosch service centers. 
Are extra chargers available? 
Trek will stock chargers so that you can purchase an extra one to keep at another location. 
Can I leave the battery on the bike? 
Is it waterproof? 
How much maintenance is required? With regular use, maintenance is the same as any bicycle. 
Keep it clean, keep air in the tires, and lube the chain. 
Can I lock the battery? Yes, the battery is locked to the bike when in use. The key must be used 
to remove it. 
Will the lights still work if the battery is dead? 
Yes. The battery management systems stop the motor from drawing power when the battery’s 
capacity reaches a certain point, but there is still ample power available to operate the lights. 
How is the Conduit light switched on/off? 
The light is controlled by holding down the black mode button on the STePS handlebar switch. 
What accessories are compatible? 
Trek Ride + bikes are designed to accept all common accessories like fenders and racks. Because 
of the position of the battery, conventional water bottle mounts are only included on the seat-
tube position in certain sizes and models. There are accessories available as aftermarket items 
that allow a bottle to be carried in alternate positions.