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Commuting in the rain

April showers bring Bontrager fenders (and Pearl Izumi rain gear)!

After commuting to work and everywhere in between on my Trek hybrid, I’ve experienced getting caught in the rain a handful of times. It is never the highlight of a ride, especially when your shoes start to hold water and you keep getting water wicked upwards from your tire onto your back. Yet I am one of those riders who will still ride in the rain to get to where I need to go so getting adequate rain protection is a must.

I started with outfitting my bike with front and rear fenders from Bontrager. These fenders are made of lightweight, heavy-duty plastic so I don’t have to worry about them getting fatigued and cracking. They also offer full coverage protection with a mud flap at the bottom of both fenders to deter bits of rogue road grime from getting on you. In my case I was also concerned with if they would fit with my rear rack but I didn’t have to worry as the rear fender fit easily underneath the rack. With everything in place all I had to do was wait for it to rain and try out my ultimate commuting machine.

Bontrager Interchange Nebula Fenders (26-inch)

Luckily I didn’t have to wait long before I got to test out the effectiveness of the fenders and the next morning with rain puddles on the road, I put them to the test. Not a single splash of water got on my back or my legs. When I arrived at work I was both pleased and dry.

Now that my bike was outfitted, it was time to do the same with myself. Another associate had purchased the Pearl Izumi rain jacket and was happy with the quality that Pearl provides. I decided to purchase the Women’s Select WXB jacket and when it arrived I found it to be exceptional in quality and fit. The jacket is form fitting and I can still fit another jacket underneath if I need extra warmth. It has a sealed zipper garage which keeps out the rain and wind. Unlike other jackets (I’m looking at you beloved cotton hoodie), the water rolls right off the jacket and within a few minutes of getting inside your jacket is dry. It also comes with a detachable hood that fits snuggly under a helmet. Now no weather pattern can stop me from riding to work or to the store to pick up some tasty snacks!

Pearl Izumi Women's Select Barrier WxB Jacket

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